Welcome to the David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park

Curator Andrew Eschelbacher describes why its exciting to see art in a changeable environment.

Audio Transcription:

When we see a work of art outside, we're seeing it in an environment that's far more changeable than the climate controlled, perfectly lit, perfectly manicured gallery space. Sometimes you end up with leaves on it. When the rain comes, it hits it. Weather changes the way that we see it. And we can continuously have new experiences. And one of the really exciting things about the sculpture park is that it will never be the same.

So if you come and you eat your lunch there every day that we're open, from May to December, you'll have a different experience. Because the light will be somewhat different, the temperature will be different, the wind will change, the foliage behind it may impact the way that you see it... and it gives you this opportunity to live with art. And that's a really exciting opportunity and one of the beautiful parts about the David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park.

And I think it really contributes to the larger conversation that's happening in the city of Portland about the value of public art and the pride I take as a Portland resident in living in a city where art and public art is valued.