John Bisbee's Hearsay

The artist describes 30 years of "only nails, always different."

Audio Transcription:

I have been working with nails for 30 years and one would think that that would be a rather pathetic and um diminishing pursuit but it’s... it's quite the opposite.

So I don’t even, you know I don't really even think of the nailness of them much ever. I mean, I say the word a lot. But I’m no longer encumbered or interested in their utility as a nail. It’s just like a line, you know, the infinite variability of a single line that can become anything. And so my motto is, only nails, always different.

And I rarely set out to do anything, but I work all the time and things tap me on the shoulder and say, it’s time to come here. If I’m lucky.

The Maine thread is more of a... of a rope. I will be tethered to this great state forever. I just love it. It’s a daily epiphany. I get to live on the ocean and just the breath of those tides and the mornings. There’s no... there's no season that sucks here for me. February, bring it on. July, of course. And the light... I try to mimic nature. So to be surrounded by it, at its highest level, is inspirational.