Isamu Noguchi

A sculpture that you can actually touch and play on, carefully. Guided tactile activity voiced by Educator Meghan Quigley.

Audio Transcription:

Take a moment to look at the sculpture in front of you. Notice the bright red color – Notice the shape. Move closer to the sculpture. So close that you can reach out and touch it. Go ahead and place your hand on the surface.


How does it feel? Think about the surface, think about the temperature. Now, move your hand across the surface and begin to make your way slowly around the sculpture.


Once you’ve had a chance to move around the sculpture, find your favorite spot where the sculpture dips down a bit. Move over towards that spot and take a seat or, just move closer to your favorite spot.


Place your hand again on the surface of the sculpture. Pause a moment and take a deep breath.


This sculpture is meant to be interacted with, just as you did. We often forget to build in moments of playfulness into our days. Now that you’ve had this experience, I encourage you to find moments of play in each day.