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Photograph looking down a white-walled stairwell. Where the stairs turn to the left, there is a bench and a curved window looking over a garden below.
Photograph looking through a gray gallery with sculpture and paintings into a deep blue gallery through a white doorway.
Photograph of an upstairs landing of a historic house with curved stair banister in the foreground and a large window beyond. The wallpaper and carpet are blue, with detailed but indistinguishable patterning.
McLellan House Galleries and Charles Shipman Payson Building, photography by Corey Templeton; L.D.M. Sweat Memorial Gallery, photography by Phillippa Pitts
Special exhibition image: Clarence H. White (United States, 1871-1925), The Sea [Rose Pastor Stokes, Caritas Islands, Connecticut], 1909, platinum print, 24.5 x 18.5 cm. The Clarence H. White Archive, Princeton University.